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{Though our stories are often written, our platform welcomes stories told in other ways. We invite submissions of Spoken Word poetry or performance art, dance or music, and visual art as well. We only ask that if it's not a literary submission, that you offer some written contextualization of the piece.

SMW Guest: Emma Su

Emma Su is a rising junior at Wellesley High School. She has been drawing for 6 years and specializes in watercolor and ink illustrations. Alongside painting, she enjoys fencing, playing the flute, and writing. Many of her pieces have been greatly influenced by her thoughts through small symbols or allusions such as specific positioning or color combinations in artwork and small events or personalities of characters within her writing. She enjoys the freedom of possibilities and the lack of limitations within these mediums to fully express her ideas all throughout her works.

"Spring Magnolia" by Emma Su


“Spring Magnolia” was painted using multiple layers of watercolor and the background was created by applying wet-on-wet techniques to add texture. While painting, I wanted to emphasize the contrast between the magnolia and background to represent the idea of blossoming or the creation of a new idea. To create a glowing illusion, darker and cooler values were added near the bottom right corner to enhance the shadows whereas warmer colors with less pigment were added in the left of the painting. The painting also symbolizes the uniqueness of an individual along with the power of their voice. I have always been enchanted by the strength of words and how much of an impact they can make, so I hope people can see how much power an individual holds and strive to utilize their voice to make a difference.

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