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Our Ambassadors

Gawon Yoo


Massachusetts, USA

My name is Gawon Yoo. I moved from South Korea to Illinois with my parents when I was 9. I currently live in Massachusetts, and I'm a senior attending Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. I like singing classics and pop as well as drawing. My favorite subject in school is biology, and I enjoy doing biomedical research. In the near future, I hope to pursue my interest and study medicine.

Akshaya Ganesan


Wisconsin, USA

Akshaya Ganesan is a motivated and hardworking student at Brookfield Academy high school who is greatly interested in strengthening and growing her knowledge and experience in research. She is currently the Vice President of a not-for-profit organization, Samarpan - Healing with Music, aiming to spread the medicine of music and dance therapy. She has been teaching young autistic children how to sing and dance for almost a year now. Akshaya is very passionate about service and volunteering and is a part of the Service Club of Milwaukee.  She currently serves as Treasurer of her school’s Junior Classical League (JCL) Program. She is an artistic student passionate about the piano, Indian Classical Dance, and Music, which are art forms she has been learning from around the age of 5.

Amy Liu 


Pennsylvania, USA

Amy Liu lives in the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a student at Harvard University. She is passionate about advocating for the visually impaired community and combating the braille literacy crisis. In her free time, she enjoys writing poems in Spanish, English, and American Braille.

Anya Tang


Indiana, USA

Hi! I'm Anya. I'm 17 years old & currently go to school in New Hampshire, but live in Indiana. Coming from a homogeneous small town, I always struggled with a lack of representation growing up. Now that I'm older, I realize how important it is for me to see myself represented in creative expression. The intentions I have with my writing are to document my lived experiences and provide a lens into how my identity interacts with my coming-of-age. I really hope y'all enjoy my work, and I really hope I can provide more representation with my work.

Rhea Shah


Illinois, USA

Hi! I am Rhea Shah, a senior from Machesney Park, IL. I currently attend Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut where I am a member of the signature Science Research Program, part of the Bystander Education Program, and one of the leaders of the Wellness Committee. I am also the president of Girl Up Choate, a chapter of the Girl Up organization that is dedicated to empowering girls all across the world through education, advocacy, and service. I love strawberry ice cream and spending time with friends and family!

Emi Kawahara


Tokyo, Japan

Hi! I’m Emi, and I am from Tokyo. I graduated from the American School in Japan and am currently a student at Middlebury College.  I love to read, write, and play music. I believe in the power of words to evoke compassion, which I think is the most important feeling in the world. The world could always use a little more :)


Audrey Hwang

Taipei, Taiwan

Audrey Hwang lives in Taipei, Taiwan and attends Taipei American School. Her passions consist of using writing as a platform for advocacy and striving to be globally-minded.

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