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Our Mission

Seeing Myself Writing aims to enhance the self-esteem of Asian American girls and young women through increased visibility and access to Asian American women’s writing across all genres, and extending into other artistic work such as film, songwriting, and visual art .

About the Founder

Nhu (Anna) Tran

Founder & Director

A freshman at Bowdoin College and recent graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Nhu (Anna) Tran is from Atlanta, Georgia. Beginning from a young age, she experienced several forms of racism especially living in a predominantly white community. Beginning a new journey in high school, she used this opportunity to fully embrace her identity and advocate for the spread of Asian awareness. At her high school, she started her own cultural club, Vietnamese Society, and was a four-year member of the Asian Advisory Board. She was a Senior Reporter for her school newspaper, the Exonian, and she was a Senior Writer for an organization called WEVisionxPEA that moves to empower women through stories worldwide.

Compelled to break down the stereotypical barriers surrounding writing and literature, she began her work on Seeing Myself Writing in her freshman year of high school and founded, allowing our Asian youth and in particular, women, to view the importance in their identity through the works of successful Asian/Asian-Americans and women in the writing world. SeeingMyselfWriting allows Asian youth from all over to connect across the cultural confines of their communities.


We accomplish our mission by:

  • Exposing these younger generations to the works of Asian women 

  • Creating connections 

  • Encouraging the impact of Asian women’s work on our youth

  • Calling attention to the writing and art of not only our successful Asian women in society today but also to our young ambassadors and peers in their passion in different areas of study

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