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Featured Guest Work

Janice Li, Interview & "Invisible Marionette"

Janice Li is a student at Stanford University and the founder of YouthArtifex, a website that celebrates and encourages our youth to engage with the humanities.


Soukprida Phetmisy, "To me, you were always Ông"

Soukprida Phetmisy is a queer Lao American activist and head of Teach For America’s (TFA) National Asian American and Pacific Islander Alliances. Go check out the beautiful piece Soukprida wrote about the last time she was with her grandfather.

Emma Su, a rising junior, has been drawing for 6 years, specializing in watercolor and ink illustrations. Check our her watercolor piece "Spring Magnolia" and some words from her!

Emma Su, "Spring Magnolia"

Ambassador Work

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Emi Kawahara, Original Poem and song recording "Mom."

"And I see it in her eyes

I am her everything

And she is mine"


Akshaya Ganesan, Dancing to "Yarrukum Adangatha Neeli" 

"At the end of the day, [this piece] makes me feel proud and empowered to be able to say ‘I am an Indian woman.’"

Audrey Hwang, Article "You will never be happy if you have a goals-first mindset."

"There is a never ending cycle to reaching goals because goals will never end. There will always be a next race, a next game, or a next test."



"Invisible Marionette"

Artwork by Janice Li

"I felt that while creating art, I was peeling off the layers of tight-lipped smiles and swatches of fragile confidence that these external forces have plastered on me, by making the invisible, visible."

Gawon Yoo artwork.JPG

"The Promise"

Artwork by Gawon Yoo

" I’m not a writer, but I hope to share my story to empower Asian Americans."

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